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The Imaginarium Creative Studios specialises in dance theatre production with many of our productions fusing together the world of dance using explosive choreography linking in dramatic acting with strong characterisations telling a story through dance, movement, speech, script and sometimes also singing. Dance Theatre originates from Germany where it is called ‘Tanztheatre’.

Tanztheatre rarely tells a story in a typical way but more the experience of things through sensations, emotions and memories by fusing together dance with movement, theatre, speech and music with costumes, props and set also vital to the unique delivery.

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At the Imaginarium Creative Studios we teach our performers to embrace dance theatre in an independent way encouraging exploration of the 

style with no right or wrong method through choreographic techniques.

We create pieces of dance theatre teacher led but also include your own choreograph which may tell very clear stories or give a more abstract and contemporary delivery focusing on more emotion of set characters as a means of expression. Our dance theatre classes are here to train you in dance fusion but linking in the power of characterisation, drama, music and emotional connection to create a piece of performance which can be solo, duets or ensemble. 

Once the performance is created you will be thrown into our culture to 

design your finished performance adding in costume, hair, make-up and props if you wish.​ So why not join us on our dance theatre journey of self-discovery.

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