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Come on babe why don’t we paint the town...And all that Jazz!

Jazz dance is a sassy style of dance teaching strong dance technique giving great flexibility, stamina, control and style. Jazz dance was born in the bars and clubs along with jazz music with its main element being entertainment value.


Jazz dance can be found in shows, cabarets, music videos and various dance routines seen all over the world which has evolved from popular dance and tradition show style dance such as those found on Broadway and at  London’s West End to a more commercial market within music videos used by artists such as Beyonce and it can also be found on t.v. in commercials and shows. The sassy style is vibrant, dynamic with sharp and energetic moves that require a dance technique which is controlled and stylised to perform from the heart and soul!

At the Imaginarium Creative Studios we deliver Jazz dance capturing the Fosse style in choreography mixed in with some street and urban dance giving it a very modern and funky feel. It gives a presentation to a variety of music which can often be driving traditional beats to modern and upbeat artists such as Pussy Cat Dolls, Beyonce, Michael Buble, Christina Aguilera and anything in the charts that has some energy and soul.

Jazz dance is fun, moody, energetic and dynamic using high flicks, kicks, jazz walks, ripples, angles and curves to create mesmerising performances which are great for anyone at any age at any ability.

It is delivered in a highly unique way including learning the history of the styles and how it has been adapted for contemporary use by fusing elements together to give it its definite easily recognisable style alongside choreography which often incorporates dance props such as chairs, brooms and hats.

Jazz dance is here so let’s get kicking, flicking, sliding and walking the walk to the amazing street jazz!

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