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Taking influencing from your favourite characters from the Wizard of Oz for this Trash Dollies workshop the Imaginarium will throw you over the rainbow and into a work of industrial steampunk fashion with cogs, smoke and machinery. Steampunk is heavily influenced by Victorian England and this workshop explores the fashion of that historical time with a cyber twist. So whether you think you are the next Tinman / woman or the roaring lion, Wicked Witch of Glenda the good witch this workshop will have you dancing down the yellow brick road with the power of the Emerald Empress who will then create your theatrical hair and make-up to prepare you to show us your work with selfies! Send us your pics and join the yellow brick hall of fame where we get the cogs turning and if you wish you can join us after lockdown at our Trash Dollies fashion show!

Please refer to the Trash Dollies Booklet for further information and check out our next face to face workshop ‘Mermaid Fantasy’ coming soon

Oz The Wizard Off-3-2.jpg
Oz The Wizard Off-8.jpg
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