The Imaginarium Creative Studios is the new home for company director Helen Weekley who has been a creative producer in Redcar and Cleveland for 3 years now with Detonation Warriors being at the heart of that creative journey. Each show is written by Helen and specifically designed to embed the students learning into the creative production process by heightening each student’s strengths, working on weaknesses, building confidence and exploring performance work the student would like to do too. As a child Helen always dreamed of having the opportunity to perform to the latest music, dance as a crew, sing to appreciative audiences and treated like a professional whilst in training, this is the idea that is key to the Imaginarium. Every show is an opportunity for our local talent to shine, grow, learn and build a creative life that can be a platform for enjoyment or to go into the professional as they train further.

Before the Imaginarium Helen owned the Backstage Academy of Performing Arts which was a private stage school offering full time courses in BTEC level 3 courses alongside a thriving community arts programme in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. During this time Helen wrote and produced a number of shows so let’s explore the past and look at the incredible work of all of Helens previous students.

‘I am extremely proud of all the hundreds of students I have had the honour and privilege to teach, train and watch follow their dreams. Every photo you see on this website is a student from the Backstage Academy or the Imaginarium as a portfolio of work achieved. I have enjoyed every moment of every show, each different in style and creativity. Thank you to you all for trusting my creative work ad for giving me the opportunity to develop as an artist. It is always one hell of a ride’

Illusions of Wonderland

Falling down the rabbit hole of teenage life, young Alice and her sister Maria leave the real world and end up in Wonderland where they must visit their pastto restore their happiness as the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat enter their minds. Will Alice and Maria survive the pressures of school and find a way to cope using the 5 ways to wellbeing or will the Red Queens anger destroy their minds.

Oz, the Wizard of…

Follow the yellow brick road into the world of Oz where Dotty must defeat the wicked witches before the power of the Emerald Empress takes hold. With the help from her friends the lion, scarecrow and tin woman will Dotty save the Emerald City like her grandmother did once before.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

A musical based on Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs with an animal and underground club twist. Learning elements of dancing, singing and acting though a loved childhood story where the evil Queen Kitty and her Tigers are defeated by the beautiful Electra and her Icebites with the help of the comical street dancers and the mystical reflectors. Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the best dancer of them all?

I Love Thee, I Loathe Thee

A musical of three Acts based on Shakespeare’s ‘Taming of the Shrew’ influenced by the film ’10 Things I Hate About You’. Learning dance styles into dramatic text within a stunning and exciting storyline with mesmerising vocals of rock and pop. Set at Backstagia High, 2056, this futuristic performing arts school is the home to the beautiful BB and her shrew of a sister Kat. Will the unlovable Shrew find love within Patrick Verona who dates her as a bet or will Patrick have met his match and true love will shine through in an unexpected place?

Spirit of the 7 Deadly Sins

This is the ultimate dance show that explores an explosion of dance fusion through the life of a young girl who represents the human race. But will the girl follow her life down the path of the heavenly virtues or will the spirit of the 7 Deadly sins sway her. Based on issues of true life, this storytelling through the medium of dance will throw you into the debate of right and wrong but which path would you take?

Once Upon a Fairytale

The child’s imagination is a wonderful place of no limits. This dance based musical brings all our favourite fairytale Princesses to life in one fairytale with Cinders, R’Zel, Snowy and Beauty who find themselves all married to the one and only Prince Charming who must choose one Princess to be his one true love in order to save the fairytale Kingdom from the spell of the Wicked Ice Queen who is slowly turning everyone to ice, but will he find his one true love? This comical musical is loved by all from teeny tots to groovy grannies.

Pandora’s Hope

Storytelling was born in Greek Mythology in a time before science explanation so the Greeks created amazing stories of a hierarchy of Gods and Goddesses to give explanations for things in the worldaround them. Pandora’s Hope is based on the theme of Greek Mythology where a beautiful girl called Morpheus gets taken back in time with a comical shooting star in search of Pandora’s Box but she ends up stuck in a battle between the Goddess of Love and Medusa. However, beauty is found within the eye of the beholder and Medusa is not as evil as it first seems. A fantastic show with an incredible theme!

World of Make Believe

The world of make believe can come to life when you least expect it! Twin sisters Anna and Cindy are now 16 and hate each other but they wake up in a magical world of make believe in their old dolls house where Cindy must replace Prima Ballerina in a battle against Robotica to become the new Queen of the House of Dance. With comical Action Man, Barbie, Ken, Tiny Tears and Voodoo dolls there to help Robotica won’t stand a chance in the dance battle of the toys….or will she?