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Street dance, break dance, hip hop, freestyle, hip hop, gym, street jazz, capoeira, waaking, crumping, robotics, popping, locking…ALL = URBAN DANCE but you would recognise it as typical street dance! 

Urban dance is a label given to all of the dance that we often see dominating our tv screens today with dance crews such as Diversity, Flawless, Expressions Crew and ZooNation just to name a few demonstrating urban dance at its peak of popularity, style and technique creating a dance culture which can be found in the hearts of the nation. 


Urban dance takes skill, timing, control, teamwork, style, co-ordination, attitude and determination to create challenging choreography that can start from the simplest of movements and develop into the most mind-blowing performances when teamwork is applied to create dance crews that dance with passion, soul, energy, skill and flair. At the Imaginarium street dance is delivered in a highly unique way by each class being formed as a mini dance crew that will work solo following tutor led choreography then use this as a starting point to then work as a team to create urban dance pieces together often fusing student led choreography into the mix. This encourages teamwork creating friendships and a bond with fellow dancers in a very positive way by sharing the art form. 

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Street dance is fresh, funky and most of all fun! It can be a fantastic style for anyone to dance at any age whether it is just for fun or training to a professional level or making a transition from one to the other. 

Street dance is where the Imaginarium has its roots and through our fantastic delivery of this style we explore the culture of urban dance on all levels. Urban dance is infectious as the energy can take over your body from your head to your toes so having fun with the swagger by adding in urban wear, hair and make-up for set performances will give you the ultimate urban dance experience. Street dance is here so let’s get popping, locking, grooving and hip hopping! 

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