Falling down the rabbit hole we go into a Wonderland where traditional circus fashion fuses together to create a funhouse fit for any mad hatter. Using the strong themes of Alice in Wonderland we explore mental health through our work and look at the stigma attached to it linking in key words into our work to promote ‘it ok, not to be ok’.

Ending with the typical mad hatters tea party will it be off with her head by the Queen of hearts or will you follow the white rabbit to become an Alice or Cheshire Cat.

You will explore the theme through scrapbook work then be taught how to design your chosen characters costume linking in the fashion ideas of traditional circus with rich colours, stripes, ruffles and waistcoats. Then its time to get sewing like a crazy Alice ready to do your theatrical hair and make-up ending with your selfies! Send us your selfies and you can join the Trash Dollies Hall of Fame and be invited to the tea party fashion show after lockdown by the Mad Hatter himself!

Please refer to the Trash Dollies Booklet for further information and check out our next face to face workshop ‘Mermaid Fantasy’ coming soon.

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