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The Imaginarium Creative Studios offer bespoke educational workshops for educational, youth organisations and charity establishments aimed to enhance education of the arts.

The education programme can be one off workshops or project delivery which means we are working towards a performance based on a set theme. Each project can range from a one-off masterclass to a full-term session, including a fashion workshop from our inhouse technical theatre company Trash Dollies, where students get to learn how to design and make their own costumes ending with a professional photoshoot to generate our promotional material for the performance.

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Each set theme is explored through teaching of dancing (street, urban, hiphop, contemporary, jazz, physical theatre and fusion), singing (pop, rock and musical theatre) and acting, bringing characters to life from the theme but in a unique way! Maybe with a style twist or looking at the story from a different perspective etc.

The shows are written, designed and tailored to the specific students in the group of all the ages to bring out the best in them working on their individual learning needs often linking in a collaboration between the tutors and the students to bring in the students own ideas and creativity as well, whether that be through choreographic dance, writing and devising sections of the script, characterisation or directing. For bigger project’s they belong to the students so they can take pride in their work from start to finish by collaborating in all elements including the creative production process.


With staff at the Imaginarium being from professional teaching backgrounds we may do more formal tasks with the students if you wish including scrap book work, designing, set making, prop making, keeping diaries in written or film form and set each student targets to help them build their confidence and achieve. This then gives the students a good basis to work on to achieve the qualifications available if you wish.

Explore our education programme booklet to read in more detail regarding what we can offer so whether you require an after-school club, enrichment activity, a one off class, a specific workshop maybe even linking in a certain area to explore such as anti-bullying, mental health etc please contact us to discuss your individual requirements as each programme is bespoke just for you.

We can fit most budgets available or if you wish to collaborate with us on a funding bid then we can happily do this with you. Our overall aim is to keep artistic expression within schools and delivered in a unique way that will generate an educational experience they will never forget. We are here for you so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and check out the links below.

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