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Dance fusion is a brand new class at the Imaginarium Creative Studios which will not be found anywhere else! 

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for dancers to come together and celebrate  the art of dance by simply using 

together whatever style of dance we wish.


Just imagine the amazing new dance work we can create by fusing together urban hip hop with contemporary mixed with some Bollywood influence….the possibilities are endless.


This class can create dance pieces and battles that will blow your mind as we join together all the styles of dance you can imagine by exploring music to the max.

So whether you love popping and locking or jete’s and pirouettes this class will jazz slide you into a dance fusion that will create amazing dance pieces as each class forms a dance crew. Each dance crew will also learn about choreographic techniques and explore how they can be used to create mesmerising dance pieces that would be perfect for any judge.


This class is ideal for any dancer with an open mind willing to explore every style of dance and use choreographic techniques to fuse it altogether. It is ideal for anybody to join and available on all levels of ability so that classes are tailored to individual learning needs of each student.

Do you love all styles of dance and want to learn explosive dance performances as part of a crew where friendship and teamwork drives our passion? Then this is the crew for you!


Urban, street, commercial, jazz, contemporary, physical theatre….

dance fusion is literally fusing together different styles of dance to create dance theatre performances that will leave the audience wanting more, telling stories and using themes that create inspirational sessions where learning becomes captivating.


Weekly sessions are led by company director and with regular professional dance artist masterclasses as guests this gives you the ultimate dance experience all whilst keeping fit and performing! From shows to having full crew costumes and star treatment through Trash Dollies workshops including photoshoots you will become a dancing warrior born to be a star!

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