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Right in the heart of Redcar, Cleveland on Coatham Road is where you will find our amazing facilities at the Imaginarium Creative Studios with state-of-the-art equipment ready to set you on your creative journey to assist in developing our artistic culture by the sea. With studio 1 consisting of dance studio, pop up café space and ideal for any performing arts class including fitness such as yoga and community groups such as Mrs Macs Playgroup, studio 1 is the ideal open space. On the ground floor we have 2 toilets with one in studio 1 linking directly onto our disabled toilet with baby change facilities. Studio 1 then leads onto our fully equipped large kitchen ready to serve you tea, coffee, lunches for workshops, snacks, cake and tuck shop. The Imaginarium Creative Studios is a Tardis as we then continue onto the office where you’ll tend to find Helen and Nick working hard with project planning. We then have a costume store room bursting from the seams with costumes for a range of productions.

We then make our way up our grand staircase to the second floor where you will find dance studio number 2 with a beautiful sprung floor ready for you to strut your stuff on. We have the apprentices office where you will find all our trainees learning about lesson plans, delivery methods and project planning. We then have the Trash Dollies Workshop room set up with sewing machines, arts and crafts and kitchen for cleaning up the paint and glitter including professional hair and make-up stations ready to transform you all into the stars you are.

We have an upstairs toilet based on superheroes and finally The Den…..where all your musical talents are taken to a new level in our recording studio. The building is designed to be creative, vibrant and captivating. We still have work to do but we are almost done so please enjoy our wonderful studios and appreciate the home we have created for our creative community.

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