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WELCOME TO THE imaginarium creative studios

Based in our beautiful studios in the heart of Redcar and Cleveland we deliver a highly inspiring Community Arts Programme with weekly sessions in performing arts. All our classes are brought to you by our amazing staff, apprentices and performers who work very hard to give you an outstanding range of creative opportunities throughout our academic year. 

All our performers train in their chosen artform and then perform in our annual major production alongside spin off performances within our community including the Stockton International Festival, Festival of Thrift, Primrose Bell Market just to name a few. 

Joining the Imaginarium Community Arts Programme will not only give you amazing learning creative opportunities to develop yourself as a performer in which ever artform you wish whilst building your confidence at a pace that suits you. Not only that, but it will also make you part of our Imaginarium family where we make friends for life, who look after each other as we face the struggles of everyday life. When you walk through the doors of the Imaginarium you are hit with a funky and artistic place that becomes your home, you can forget all your worries and you can come into your safe space where you are free to be yourself and be the creative you were born to be. 


With classes specifically designed for ages 3 year + to workshops for adults, here at the Imaginarium we have something for everyone.


Due to covid-19 we have had to temporarily close our studios but we are extremely lucky and happy to announce you can now access our Community Arts Programme online right here FREE of charge to take part in a range of creative classes, activities, workshops and masterclasses thanks to Arts Council England who have funded our new digital delivery we are calling ‘REIMAGINED’ as we find our new way to engage with you all through the creative processes to finish in a new culture we create together from the pandemic experience. 

Classes, workshops and masterclasses are now available for you to take part in within the Community Arts Programme in: 

To take part you must subscribe to your chosen artform programme. Each artform is taught over a 6-week block with one session a week. You will need to agree to the terms and conditions in advance to taking part in your sessions such as dance classes you must agree to take part in a full warm up, class and also cool down for health and safety.  

After you have completed which ever programme you wish we ask you to take part in an evaluation questionnaire to help guide us in terms of developing our work. We value all your feedback and are interested to hear your thoughts and especially on how the sessions have made an impact on your health, mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

After lockdown we aim to reopen the Imaginarium for face to face delivery from September 2020. If you wish to join the community arts programme and become part of the Imaginarium family please tick the box on the evaluation in the section page you wish to join us and we will contact you individually with a timetable, start date and what to expect when you return to the studios in terms of covid-19 guidance. 

We hope you enjoy taking part and we look forward to seeing all your creations! Please keep in touch via social media, send us videos and pics of all your work via email and look out for the social sessions coming soon where you get  to meet each other for a catch up either online or in bubble groups at the Imaginarium. 

Reimagined’ is here for everyone, no matter where you live or who you are or what you do. We are here for you all to help, support and most of all keep your creative juices flowing.  Explore our website and get involved as much as you’d like. 

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Contemporary Dance Imaginarium 2.JPG
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4-6 Coatham Road



TS10 1RJ

07506 597351

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