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So, if you know your students are needing the freedom of expression in their heart then let the creativity begin!

What is our education programme?

Imaginarium Dance Theatre is a company of the arts delivering tuition of the arts in various formats with spin off projects such as our youth company Detonation Warriors for ages 8 – 19 years based in our own state of the art facilities The Imaginarium Creative Studios, Redcar.

Our education programme is designed to bring our teaching into schools, colleges, youth organisations and other establishments or you can come to us to bring education of the arts to you by fitting in with your tight budgets and the challenging changes we currently face within our education system but we are also here to offer home educators amazing opportunities to learn the arts and more to encourage your children to learn in a fun and funky way including a big aspect of socialising and having fun with like-minded creatives.

We are here to help you keep the arts alive and it is our job to work with you to keep the confidence of our youth building whilst working alongside the more academic approach. Here we introduce our Educational workshops for schools and Home Education Programme held at the Imaginarium.


Welcome creatures of creativity, artisans of performance and guardians of arts. Welcome to the Imaginarium Creative Studios education programme where you are no longer alone in your journey to learn the craft of performing arts as an educational, youth establishment or home educator. You are now a warrior at the beginning of training where your children can be detonated into the heart of the world of the performing artists.

You are now part of a team, a family, where our love and passion for dancing, singing and acting brings us together to create amazing projects that will make memories you treasure forever.

Sadly, the arts are slowly in decline within mainstream education and it is our responsibility to keep the creative freedom of our children and youth alive. The arts may not be for everybody, however for some of us the box of a solo academic approach isn’t a place we feel at home all the time so we are here to enhance education of the arts for everyone.

A child’s imagination is a precious gift and it is often the key to happiness through artistic expression whether it be through a physical dance connection, a soulful song or dramatic acting bringing characters to life. Performing arts for some is special and where everything suddenly makes sense and most of all is full of fun, laughter, friendships, building confidence, life skills and often preparation for the hard work needed to achieve in the world. Our workshops enhance health, mental health and emotional wellbeing with each one specifically designed around the 5 ways to wellbeing.

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