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Detonation Warriors is a youth dance theatre company ideal for any young person aged 8 – 22 years to engage in training on a higher-level, producing performances for a public audience and site-specific work such as festivals and street theatre. You are treated like a professional and the expectations are that you are dedicated to your craft which then brings a commitment level ready for the profession. Being a warrior means you train for a minimum of 5 hours a week (a Monday and Thursday evening plus weekend rehearsals near show time) and you are the main cast of the youth company for the large-scale productions at the Imaginarium. You are the core of the Imaginarium and the warriors are embedded in everything we do.

Being a warrior doesn’t mean you are the elite or the best as ability is mixed, it simply means you have the dedication to achieve your individual goals in performance and you have the passion and drive to LOVE what we do. Having the right positive attitude is all you need to join our warrior family.


Training in Detonation Warriors is fun and challenging as you learn to be a triple threat performer in dancing (all styles), singing (all styles) drama and acting (all styles). You will learn exactly what it is like to be a professional performer and the production process including directing, choreography and producing. You are also trained in technical theatre such as lighting, sound, costume, hair and make-up. Regular production meetings take place where you also steer the direction of our projects so all the ideas and projects come from YOU.

Places in Detonation Warriors are currently full however we recruit once a year and have a waiting list. If you wish to be considered to join Detonation Warriors please register your interest. We recommend joining a dance class initially at the Imaginarium as part of the Community Arts Programme before you consider becoming a warrior. We recommend dance fusion.

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