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Singing classes at the Imaginarium are focused on vocal training to develop confidence, vocal quality, strength, tone, pitch control, breath control and performance preparation and presentation.

In musical theatre vocal training is tailored to bring characters to life through vocal performance and typical musical theatre presentation adding acting, vocal accents, props, costumes and lively presentation via appropriate movement.

In popular singing vocal training is tailored to work on technical abilities to become a well-rounded singer of popular music from various decades.

So whether you see yourself as the latest Gabrielle from High School Musical or the latest Lady GaGa or maybe Danny from Grease or Robbie Williams the singing classes/workshops at the Imaginarium are definitely for you covering a vast style of music to suit most tastes.

Optional exams are available offered with the London College of Music (LCM) and theory is also taught with a folder containing a portfolio of work from training is kept and taken into the exam to be discussed with the examiner. Live musicians are also often used throughout training to add that extra special learning experience alongside sessions in our very own recording studio ‘The Den’.

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