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Once Upon a Fairytale

The Imaginarium Creative Studios are currently working towards a reimagined version of previous show written by company director and creative producer Helen Weekley called ‘Once Upon a Fairytale’. With Detonation Warriors already cast and all students from dance classes in the show as chorus dancers this magical fairytale with a comedy twist is set to be amazing. Due to covid-19 all classes have had to temporarily stop and the show has been postponed until the Government give us the go ahead to continue our work which now has the possibility of the show becoming a film, film mixed in with live performance or a full live performance as planned…..who knows just yet. So here’s the low down and if you join our community arts programme dance classes this is the show you will be working towards.


Welcome back to classes for 2020 as ALL students at the Imaginarium start to train in your chosen classes for our amazing dance theatre performance of ‘Once Upon A Fairytale’.


Once Upon a Fairytale is a musical comedy where our beautiful girl Tink is found wishing on a star for her real life fairytale to happen where Prince Charming will come and sweep her off her feet and live happily ever after. Tink falls asleep and wakes up hiding under her bed as Prince Charming is caught by the Wicked Ice Queen for marrying 4 princesses (Snow, Beauty, R’zel and Cinders). The Wicked Ice Queen has put the kingdom under and evil spell and is slowly turning everyone to ICE! The only way the spell can be broken is for Charming to go and collect his 4 wives, take them to the Masquerade Ball and choose his ONE TRUE LOVE ‘in typical fairytale fashion’ by midnight! Obviously after him cheating on them all and leaving them in misery…you can imagine the Princesses will be really happy to see him and cooperate at all times to come to the ball! (NOT) Each Princess has a flaw…this is why Charming left them. Tink must go with him and help break the spell or she will be trapped in the fairytale realm forever and melt into an ice cube. To assist this journey the stunningly handsome Fairy Gokfather the fashion fairy who is

currently in training to gain his full set of wings will take Charming and Tink into the fairytale world in search of the mardy Princesses.

Will Prince Charming kiss his one true love by midnight? Or will the Wicked Ice Queen have more up her sleeve with her sidekicks Twinkle, Lil’ Red and the Big Bad Wolf! Each member of the cast for the show will explore the history of fairytales and develop their own modern character using technical theatre workshops with Trash Dollies to design, make and create your won costumes, theatrical hair and make-up all influenced by the theme ‘alternative fairytales’. For further details please go into our community arts programme and check out Trash Dollies Workshops then select ‘Once Upon A Fairytale’.

We are still able to recruit for dancers for the show so if you wish to be in ‘Once Upon a Fairytale’ please try out the online community arts programme dance classes and register your interest to join classes once we reopen.

Prince Charming played by Luke Emery and
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